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French Fitness SHR80 Commercial Half Rack / Bench Combo (New)

French Fitness SHR80 Commercial Half Rack / Bench Combo Image


Price: USD $2,099.00
Condition: New in Box
Grade: Commercial
Warranty: 10 Years Parts + 1 Year On-Site Labor
Ships: New in Boxes (Assembly Options Available)
Processing Time: Ships from our Warehouse in 1-2 Weeks

Stock Status: Available to Order

Product Code: FF-SHR80-MAB30

Processing Time:


Full Assembly & Installation:


Accessories / Add Ons

Collar / Clamps:

Olympic Bar:

Olympic Weight Plate Set:

French Fitness Rack Accessories / Add Ons


Ball Holder:

Ball Tier/Tray:

Bar Holder:

Battle Rope Anchor:

Bumper Plate Tier/Tray:

Cable Column:

Cable Trainer Slinger:

Dip Horn:

Dumbbell Tier/Tray:

Jammer Arms:

Kettlebell Tier/Tray:


Lat Pulldown / Low Row:

Leg Roller:

Light Bulb Grip:

Monkey Bar:

Pipe Bomb Grip:

Pull Up Bar:

Step-Up Platform:

Universal Anchor:

Wall Ball Target:

Weight Chain Hanger:

The French Fitness SHR80 Single Half Rack / Cage, crafted from heavy-duty commercial-grade 11-gauge steel, is an ideal complement to the versatile training offered by the French Fitness MAB30 Multi Adjustable Bench. The SHR80 provides a plethora of accessories to customize your training facility, catering to the needs of personal trainers, athletes, and coaches alike. With its sturdy steel uprights featuring laser-cut holes for effortless safety adjustments, an open-front design for seamless entry and exit, and twelve premium weight storage horns eliminating the need for separate weight trees, the SHR80 offers unparalleled convenience and functionality. Additionally, its textured multi-grip pull-up bars, quick-adjust UHMW lined sandwich j-cups, and adjustable spotter arms ensure a safe and effective workout experience.

Paired with the French Fitness MAB30 Multi Adjustable Bench, which offers nine adjustable positions for the back pad (from flat to incline, 0 to 90 degrees) and three levels of adjustment for the seat pad (0 to 30 degrees), users can target various muscle groups and adapt their workouts to their fitness levels with ease. The wide back pad of the MAB30 provides stability during heavy lifts, maximizing comfort and ensuring optimal outcomes for every training session. Together, the SHR80 and MAB30 create a comprehensive training space equipped to meet the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts.

This is the same machine as the French Fitness DHR80 Double Half Rack except one station, no other differences. If you want this machine, but with two stations, please click the above link. The 3" x 3" 11 gauge uprights that both the DHR80 includes are compatible with our Rack & Rig Attachments.

Note: Weight plates not included.

French Fitness DHR80 (Double) & SHR80 (Single) Half Rack Assembly Manual


French Fitness SHR80 Single Half Rack / Cage
  • Steel Tubing: 3" x 3" x 3mm Thickness (75mm x 75mm x 3mm)
  • 11 Gauge Steel (Heavy Duty, Commercial Grade)
  • The open design and high head clearance make access and movement simple.
  • 1" (26 mm holes) w/2" Hole Spacing
  • Multi-grip pull-up bar, sandwich j-cups, and spotter arms come included with the rack.
  • Number of Band Pegs Included: 12 (Great for adding resistance when lifting)
  • Twelve (12) weight horns (6 6-inch and 6 12-inch).
  • The laser-cut holes have numbers spaced at 2 hole intervals for convenient safety adjustments.
  • Textured multi-grip pull-up bar.
  • Quickly adjust sandwich j-cups with UHMW lining for a safe and secure hook to lift bars off and on while executing lifts.
  • Neutrally angled textured multi-grip pull-up bar made of a 2" fat bar.
  • Pair of adjustable UHMW inner liners protects your barbell's knurl as well as the upright paint.
  • Pair of adjustable spotter arms can be adjusted to give a larger safe zone for the athlete.
French Fitness MAB30 Multi Adjustable Bench
  • Steel Tubing: 75mm x 75mm x 3mm
  • 11 Gauge Steel
  • Back pad adjusts from a flat to incline positions (0 to 90 degree)
  • Pad: Thickened leather; soft and comfortable
  • Stability: Triangular Mechanical Structure Design
  • Back Cushion: 5mm plywood with leather wrapping; increases strength of the pad
  • Seat Adjustment: Laser cut, enclosed stainless steel limit adjusting tooth-shaped plate; 3 positions for seat adjustment; Saw-tooth catcher for easier and safer adjustment.
  • Backrest Adjustment: Laser cut, enclosed stainless steel limit cushion adjusting tooth-shaped plate is easy to adjust the angle to 90 degree.
  • Stainless Steel Angle Plate: Easy to see the angle adjustment
  • Special Steering structure minimizes the distance between cushions.
  • Unique Support Frame Force Point: Automatic displacement mechanism is more safe as cushion adjustment to the flat to achieve double-point force.
  • Double Support Welded Backrest: Laser-cut steel plate welded backrest pad for safer adjustment.
  • More comfortable aluminum alloy grip.
  • Horizontal Grip to avoid tendon sheath injury.
  • Large rubber floor mat to increase stability.
  • Mobile Wheel: More convenient roller bearing; the triangular structure gives more stability to drive.

Tech Specs

French Fitness SHR80 Single Half Rack / Cage
  • Dimensions: 58"L x 56"W x 98"H (93" if pull-up bar is installed with arms arced down)
French Fitness MAB30 Multi Adjustable Bench
  • Seat Pad: 3 Adjustments, 0-30 Degress
  • Seat Back: 9 Adjustments, 0-90 Degrees
  • Paint Color: Black
  • Vinyl Color: Black
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Dimensions: 53"L x 31"W x 53"H (1352 x 783 x 1340mm)

Warranty & Compliance

  • California Residents see Prop 65 WARNING

French Fitness SHR80 Single Half Rack / Cage
  • 10 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor (Commercial)
French Fitness MAB30 Multi Adjustable Bench
  • 10 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor (Commercial)

Attachments / Add Ons

43" Rack & Rig Ball Tier/Tray

Raises your balls off the floor onto a neat shelf, improving gym organization. Adjustable and easy to attach, it's perfect for storing various types of balls.
43" Rack & Rig Bumper Plate Tier/Tray

Boosts storage on your rig or rack. Easy to install and adjust, it's a space-saving solution.
43" Rack & Rig Kettlebell Tier/Tray

Keeps kettlebells organized and off the ground on your Rig. Easy to install and adjustable, it saves space and streamlines access.
43" Rack & Rig Dumbbell Tier/Tray

Secures dumbbells, prevents rolling, and simplifies access. Mounted on your Rig or Rack, it saves space and keeps equipment in good condition, ensuring quick access to weights.
71" Rack & Rig Ball Tier/Tray

Lifting your balls off the ground and onto a clean shelf enhances gym organization. With its adjustable and effortless attachment, it's an ideal solution for storing different types of balls with added capacity and convenience.
71" Rack & Rig Bumper Plate Tier/Tray

Maximize storage and rig efficiency. Easy install, fits perfectly, adjustable for preferred height or side. Ideal for bumper plate storage, adding capacity and convenience.
71" Rack & Rig Kettlebell Tier/Tray

Mounts easily on your Rig, keeping kettlebells accessible, organized, and off the ground. Saves space, fits various kettlebell shapes and sizes snugly. Simple to install and adjustable for preferred height or side positioning.
71" Rack & Rig Dumbbell Tier/Tray

Prevents dumbbells from rolling, simplifying stocking and unloading. Mounts on your Rig or Rack for easy access, saving space and preserving equipment. Ensures you quickly find the weights you need. Ideal for kettlebell storage, providing added capacity.
Jammer Arms

Create a compact solution for building explosive upper body strength. Excellent for seated rows, single arm rows, shrugs, and many other exercises.
Monkey Bar

Strengthen upper body, coordination, and balance, burning calories. Offers full-body workout targeting multiple muscle groups like triceps, core, back, and glutes, improving coordination and flexibility. Enhance grip strength with repetitive gripping and hanging motions.
11 Gauge A-Hanger

Made of heavy-duty, powder-coated, 11 gauge steel. Features triangle-shaped structural design for increased hanger stability. It is easy to install and can accommodate users of different heights by simply adjusting the height along the uprights. Has a three-bolt locking system to keep it securely attached to your rack, allowing you to turn completely around the bag.
Fly Pull Up Bar

Behaves like a heavy-duty pull-up ladder, requiring more muscle engagement, hand-eye coordination, and strength to get through the bars. There are three mounting hold points on each side for increased stability and security. Includes 4 individual uniformly spaced pull-up bars that are attached on a gradual incline between 2 beams.
Pipe Bomb Grip

A versatile tool that can be used for a variety of training methods. Quick and easy to attach to any free weight, pull-up bar on a rig or rack for effective grip training. Targets the forearm muscles similarly to a rope climb, providing a more rigorous form of bodyweight training than a regular pull-up bar. Perfect for Ninja Warrior, Parkour, gymnastics, and rock climbing athletes.
Light Bulb Grip

Helps increase the power of the various little muscles in your fingers, hands, and forearms can have a significant positive impact on your performance. For engaging and dynamic grip strength training, affix them to kettlebells, bumper plates, or other free weights. Hang them along the monkey bars or pull-up bars and you will undoubtedly feel the pain.
Universal Anchor

A fantastic addition to your rigs because of its numerous functions. This can be attached to the uprights to function as a battle rope anchor. Mount a pair onto the cross bars and create a chin-up station saving you space. Attach them along the cross bars to move from handle to handle, adding an obstacle course element to your training.
Light Bulb

Will give you the best forearm and grip workout. Installs easily, may be moved to the ideal position and can be attached around your rig. Transform your rig into a lateral-moving obstacle course by attaching them along the square crossbars.
Webbed Safety Catchers

Webbed Safety Catchers protect your barbell, guarantee it doesn't fall below a set level, and ensure it won't land on you if a rep is missed.
14" Weight Storage Horn

Designed for weight plate storage on racks and rigs, adding functionality and value. Securely fastens to rack sides at an angle to prevent plate sliding. Easy to install and removable.
Spotter Arms

Perfect addition to your Rack or Rig setup for solo training or for added security. These safety spotters are made of high-quality steel and are designed to handle really heavy lifting. These spotter arms feature a pin and hole system for quick adjusting and/or removal.
J-Cups J-Hooks

Built of sturdy steel and can support heavy loads for maximum effort lifts. Easily adjusted to any height on the upright, and tightly fitted to reduce movement while racking and unracking the bar.
Dip Horn

Instantly gives you easy access to a dip station, best for upper body workouts.
Step-Up Platform

Excellent for adding low-impact plyometric workouts, aerobics, step ups, and numerous other exercises.

Allows you to perform a variety of workouts with a barbell to strengthen your shoulders and core.
Bar Holder

Allows you to vertically store your barbells safely.
Wall Ball Target

Improves your focus and accuracy, great for HIIT training, core exercises and cardiovascular improvement.
Double Wall Ball Target

Attaches to your rig with a vertical bracket. Provides a solid target and adjustable height options for training. Enhances rig versatility for HIIT workouts, offering two height options.
Single Ball Holder

Easily mounts on the uprights out of the way of exercise equipment and gym users. The slim design makes it easier to store balls without taking up too much space. Because it's attached to the uprights, you can group a couple of them together and reorganize however you desire. Store everything from medicine balls to exercise balls on this sturdy metal rack.
Leg Roller

Adjustable and suited for a variety of single leg workouts. Attaches and locks into the uprights with locking pin making it much more stable and allowing you to be in a better position for lunges, single leg squat and many other variations. The pad can be installed on the inside or facing out from the rack, and it can be moved up and down on the uprights to provide the desired effect.
Battle Rope Anchor

Enables you to attach training ropes and develop strength and explosive power in your arms, back, and core.
Weight Chain Hanger

Six precision-engineered holes seamlessly attach to rig uprights. Each hole offers space for individual chains, enabling quick adjustments during workouts. This specialized hanger organizes weightlifting chains for easy access. Affixes securely to rig uprights, enhancing gym functionality and promoting streamlined strength training.
Lat Pulldown / Low Row w/Stabilizer Bar

Seamlessly integrates with Rack & Rig systems. Includes stabilizer for secure attachment, boosting workout confidence. Transforms setup into a powerhouse for sculpting a strong physique. Offers various exercises like lat pulldowns and low rows for targeting multiple muscle groups.


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