Top 5 Most Innovative Cardio Machines
See which cardio machines are at the top of the list!



Top 5 Most Innovative Cardio Machines

#1 First Degree Water Rower

Simulates rowing in the water

Full body exercise works legs, back, arms

Fluid motion and natural resistance creates a psychological effect while burning calories away

#2 VersaClimber

Simulates vertical training

Works your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and forearms

Elevates your heart rate faster than any other cardio machine on the market

Favorite among elite athletes and professional trainers

Takes up the least amount of floor space of any cardio machine

#3 Precor AMT

Advanced Motion Trainers combine the movement of ellipticals and stairclimbers

Users can take advantage of longer strides and switch between modes for stair stepping action

Most user friendly of cardio machines and provides multiple program patterns

#4 Technogym Cardio Wave

Incorporates not only lateral movement but sagittal plane movement (side to side)

Covers the movement of rowing machines, ellipticals, and cycling

25 levels of difficulty ensure you won't grow stagnant and provide an impact free workout

#5 FreeMotion Incline Trainer

Allows for a 40% increased treadmill incline

Offers users an alternative to running by allowing the same amount of calories to be walked off with incline technology

Workouts include hiking, running, walking, and stepping motions for lower body targeting

While these cardio machines are unique and innovative, it's rare to find them in
gyms because they can intimidate beginners or because of their price tag.