Request Equipment FAQs

Request Fitness Equipment:FAQs

Fitness Superstore has a large selection of fitness equipment listed on our website. Some is listed as 'in stock' and can be bought using our online checkout, and some is listed as 'out of stock'. On the product details page for 'out of stock' items, you can click 'Email me when Back-In-Stock". Once the product is back in stock, Our system will generate and send a back in stock notice to the email address provided. If you have checked our Product Index, which lists all of our advertised products in alphabetical order, and can't find the fitness product you are looking for, there is a good chance we can get it. We have access to almost any fitness product that has the following attributes:

  • Used Fitness Equipment Only: While we are an authorized new equipment dealer for Life Fitness & Nautilus products, we do not have access to Brand New Equipment that is not listed on our website.
  • Retail Price / MSRP of $2,000+: Due to the time and work that we dedicate to each product and customer, we typically do not sell fitness equipment that retails for under this price.
  • Introduced / Released 2+ years ago: It usually takes at least a couple years for fitness equipment to enter the used market, and therefore equipment that was manufactured within the last couple years is more difficult to obtain. The longer it has been since the product was introduced, the better our chances are of having access to it.

We usually have access to both home and commercial versions of equipment that meet requirements 1-3. But if it is a home version, we almost certainly have access to it, and most likely can provide the nations lowest price. Selling preowned home model fitness equipment is what makes us unique, as we are the only dealer in the nation that carries many of these products used. Complete the form by clicking Request Equipment that we don't have. and we will let you know whether or not we can obtain, provide pricing info, a time frame, and any additional information necessary.