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ProCT3000   Ab Solo Pro CT3000 (New)
AT-1000R   AirTEK Fitness HIIT Air + Magnetic Rower (New)
Allegro   Balanced Body Allegro Pilates Reformer (Remanufactured)
AllegroSport   Balanced Body Allegro Sport Pilates Reformer (Remanufactured)
CADILLAC   Balanced Body Trapeze Table (Cadillac) (Remanufactured)
BHVP   BH Fitness Vibration Platform (Remanufactured)
BioCycle950-120   Biodex 950-120 Semi-Recumbent Cycle (Remanufactured)
BioStep2   Biodex BioStep 2 950-240 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical (Remanufactured)
BioStep   Biodex BioStep Semi-Recumbent Elliptical (Remanufactured)
BioMed945130   Biodex Medical 945-130 Upper Body Cycle UBE (Remanufactured)
RTM500   Biodex RTM 500 Rehab 945-285 Treadmill w/LCD (Remanufactured)
BSLDBSTB1   Body Solid BSTB1 Tools Resistance- 1/2" Orange (New)
BSLDBSTB2   Body Solid BSTB2 Tools Resistance - 3/4" Green (New)
BSLDBSTB3   Body Solid BSTB3 Tools Resistance - 1 1/8" Red (New)
BSLDBSTB4   Body Solid BSTB4 Tools Resistance - 1 3/4" Blue (New)
BSLDBSTB5   Body Solid BSTB5 Tools Resistance Band - 2 1/2" Purple (New)
BSLDBSTDMB10   Body Solid BSTDMB10 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 10 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB12   Body Solid BSTDMB12 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 12 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB14   Body Solid BSTDMB14 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 14 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB16   Body Solid BSTDMB16 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 16 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB18   Body Solid BSTDMB18 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 18 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB20   Body Solid BSTDMB20 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 20 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB25   Body Solid BSTDMB25 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 25 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB6   Body Solid BSTDMB6 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 6 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB8   Body Solid BSTDMB8 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 8 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTFB12   Body Solid BSTFB12 Fitness Bar 12 lbs. - Green (New)
BSLDBSTFB15   Body Solid BSTFB15 Fitness Bar 15 lbs. - Red (New)
BSLDBSTFB18   Body Solid BSTFB18 Fitness Bar 18 lbs. - Blue (New)
BSLDBSTFB24   Body Solid BSTFB24 Fitness Bar 24 lbs. - Purple (New)
BSLDBSTFB30   Body Solid BSTFB30 Fitness Bar 30 lbs. - Magenta (New)
BSLDBSTFB36   Body Solid BSTFB36 Fitness Bar 36 lbs. - Gray (New)
BSLDBSTFB4   Body Solid BSTFB4 Fitness Bar 4 lbs. - Orange (New)
BSLDBSTFB6   Body Solid BSTFB6 Fitness Bar 6 lbs. - Light Purple (New)
BSLDBSTFB9   Body Solid BSTFB9 Fitness Bar 9 lbs. - Yellow (New)
bsldbsthb   Body Solid BSTHB Tools Slam Balls Set of 5 (New)
bsldbsthbrack   Body Solid BSTHB Tools Slam Balls w/Rack (New)
BSLDBSTHB10   Body Solid BSTHB10 Slam Ball Red 10 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTHB15   Body Solid BSTHB15 Slam Ball Red 15 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTHB20   Body Solid BSTHB20 Slam Ball Red 20 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTHB25   Body Solid BSTHB25 Slam Ball Red 25 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTHB30   Body Solid BSTHB30 Slam Ball Red 30 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTLJOC   Body Solid BSTLJOC LockJaw Olympic Collar - Blue (New)
BSLDBSTLJPC   Body Solid BSTLJPC LockJaw Pro-Style Olympic Collar - Blue (New)
BSLDBSTMB10   Body Solid BSTMB10 10 lbs. Medicine Ball - Blue (New)
BSLDBSTMB12   Body Solid BSTMB12 12 lbs. Medicine Ball - Black (New)
BSLDBSTMB14   Body Solid BSTMB14 14 lbs. Medicine Ball - Orange (New)
BSLDBSTMB16   Body Solid BSTMB16 16 lbs. Medicine Ball - Green (New)
BSLDBSTMB2   Body Solid BSTMB2 2 lbs. Medicine Ball - Lt. Purple (New)
BSLDBSTMB20   Body Solid BSTMB20 20 lbs. Medicine Ball - Blue (New)
BSLDBSTMB25   Body Solid BSTMB25 25 lbs. Medicine Ball - Black (New)
BSLDBSTMB30   Body Solid BSTMB30 30 lbs. Medicine Ball - Black (New)
BSLDBSTMB4   Body Solid BSTMB4 4 lbs. Medicine Ball - Yellow (New)
BSLDBSTMB6   Body Solid BSTMB6 6 lbs. Medicine Ball - Aqua (New)
BSLDBSTMB8   Body Solid BSTMB8 8 lbs. Medicine Ball - Red (New)
BSLDBSTMC02BK   Body Solid BSTMC02BK Muscle Clamp Collars - Black (New)
BSLDBSTMC02RD   Body Solid BSTMC02RD Muscle Clamp Collars - Red (New)
BSLDBSTND1   Body Solid BSTND1 1 lb. Body-Solid Neoprene Dumbbell (New)
BSLDBSTND10   Body Solid BSTND10 Neoprene Dumbbell- 10 lbs. Orange (New)
BSLDBSTND12   Body Solid BSTND12 Neoprene Dumbbell- 12 lbs. Pink (New)
BSLDBSTND15   Body Solid BSTND15 Neoprene Dumbbell- 15 lbs. Gray (New)
BSLDBSTND2   Body Solid BSTND2 Neoprene Dumbbell- 2 lbs. Light Purple (New)
BSLDBSTND3   Body Solid BSTND3 Neoprene Dumbbell- 3 lbs. Green (New)
BSLDBSTND4   Body Solid BSTND4 Neoprene Dumbbell- 4 lbs. White (New)
BSLDBSTND5   Body Solid BSTND5 Neoprene Dumbbell- 5 lbs. Blue (New)
BSLDBSTND6   Body Solid BSTND6 Neoprene Dumbbell- 6 lbs. Red (New)
BSLDBSTND7   Body Solid BSTND7 Neoprene Dumbbell- 7 lbs. Purple (New)
BSLDBSTND8   Body Solid BSTND8 Neoprene Dumbbell- 8 lbs. Black (New)
BSLDBSTND9   Body Solid BSTND9 Neoprene Dumbbell- 9 lbs. Yellow (New)
BSLDBSTROCRED   Body Solid BSTROCRED Tools Roepke Olympic Collar - Red (New)
BSLDBSTSB45   Body Solid BSTSB45 Exercise Ball 45cm Green (New)
BSLDBSTSB55   Body Solid BSTSB55 Exercise Ball 55cm Grey (New)
BSLDBSTSB65   Body Solid BSTSB65 Exercise Ball 65cm Red (New)
BSLDBSTSB75   Body Solid BSTSB75 Exercise Ball 75cm Blue (New)
BSLDBSTVD1   Body Solid BSTVD1 Vinyl Dumbbell 1 lb. Light Pink (New)
BSLDBSTVD10   Body Solid BSTVD10 Vinyl Dumbbell 10 lbs. Orange (New)
BSLDBSTVD12   Body Solid BSTVD12 Vinyl Dumbbell 12 lbs. Pink (New)
BSLDBSTVD15   Body Solid BSTVD15 Vinyl Dumbbell 15 lbs. Gray (New)
BSLDBSTVD2   Body Solid BSTVD2 Vinyl Dumbbell 2 lbs. Light Purple (New)
BSLDBSTVD3   Body Solid BSTVD3 Vinyl Dumbbell 3 lbs. Green (New)
BSLDBSTVD4   Body Solid BSTVD4 Vinyl Dumbbell 4 lbs. Light Gray (New)
BSLDBSTVD5   Body Solid BSTVD5 Vinyl Dumbbell 5 lbs. Blue (New)
BSLDBSTVD6   Body Solid BSTVD6 Vinyl Dumbbell 6 lbs. Red (New)
BSLDBSTVD7   Body Solid BSTVD7 Vinyl Dumbbell 7 lbs. Purple (New)
BSLDBSTVD8   Body Solid BSTVD8 Vinyl Dumbbell 8 lbs. Black (New)
BSLDBSTVD9   Body Solid BSTVD9 Vinyl Dumbbell 9 lbs. Yellow (New)
BSLDGBPR10   Body Solid GBPR10 Rubber Bumper Plate Rack (New)
BSLDGCRPACK   Body Solid GCRPACK Cardio Barbell Package Set (New)
BSLDGDKR100   Body Solid GDKR100 Dual Dumbbell & Kettlebell Rack (New)
bsldGDKR50   Body Solid GDKR50 3-Pair Kettlebell Rack (New)
bsldGDR10   Body Solid GDR10 Vinyl Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR24   Body Solid GDR24 12 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack (New)
bsldgdr363   Body Solid GDR363 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR44   Body Solid GDR44 Vertical Dumbbell Rack (New)
bsldGDR500   Body Solid GDR500 Commercial Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR500PACK   Body Solid GDR500PACK Vinyl Dumbbell Package (New)
BSLDGDR60   Body Solid GDR60 Pro Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR80   Body Solid GDR80 Vertical Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGFR500   Body Solid GFR500 Fitness Bar Rack (New)
BSLDGFR500Pack   Body Solid GFR500-PACK Fitness Bar Package (New)
BSLDGIB2   Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots (New)
BSLDGMR10   Body Solid GMR10 Medicine Ball Rack (New)
BSLDGMR10PACK   Body Solid GMR10PACK Medicine Ball Package w/Rack (New)
BSLDGMR5   Body Solid GMR5 Medicine Ball Rack (New)
BSLDGOBH5   Body Solid GOBH5 Olympic Bar Holder (New)
BSLDGOWT   Body Solid GOWT Olympic Plate Tree & Bar Holder (New)
BSLDGSWT   Body Solid GSWT Standard Plate Tree & Bar Holder (New)
BSLDKBCS105   Body Solid KBCS105 Premium Kettlebell Set 5 to 30 lbs. (New)
BSLDKBCS275   Body Solid KBCS275 Premium Kettlebell Set 5 to 50 lbs. (New)
BSLDKBLS105   Body Solid KBLS105 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell Set 5-30 lb. KBLS105 (New)
BSLDKBLS180   Body Solid KBLS180 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell Set 5-40 lb. KBLS180 (New)
BSLDKBS105   Body Solid KBS105 Cast Kettlebell Set 5-30 lbs (New)
BSLDKBS275   Body Solid KBS275 Cast Kettlebell Set 5-50 lbs KBS275 (New)
BSLDKBVS105   Body Solid KBVS105 Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set 5-30 lb. KBVS105 (New)
BSLDKBVS125   Body Solid KBVS125 Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set 5-30 lb. KBVS125 (New)
BSLDKBVS275   Body Solid KBVS275 Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set 5-50 lb. KBVS275 (New)
BSLDKBVS70   Body Solid KBVS70 Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set 5-20 lb. (New)
BSLDLMPP   Body Solid LMPP Landmine Plate Pivot (New)
BSLDMA105   Body Solid MA105 Bar Pad (New)
BSLDOA8   Body Solid OA8 Olympic Adapter Sleeve 8" (New)
BSLDOAS14   Body Solid OAS14 Olympic Adapter Sleeve 14" (New)
BSLDOB86LPB   Body Solid OB86LPB 7 ft. Olympic Power Bar - Zinc (New)
BSLDOB86P1000SS   Body Solid OB86P1000SS 7 ft. Premium Olympic Power Bar-Stainless Steel (New)
BSLDOB86PBS   Body Solid OB86PBS 7 ft. Olympic Power Bar - Silver (New)
BSLDOBPB10   Body Solid OBPB10 Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate - 10 lbs. (New)
BSLDOBPB15   Body Solid OBPB15 15 lb. Chicago Extreme Colored Bumper Plate (New)
BSLDOBPB25   Body Solid OBPB25 Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate - 25 lbs. (New)
BSLDOBPB35   Body Solid OBPB35 Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate - 35 lbs. (New)
BSLDOBPB45   Body Solid OBPB45 Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate - 45 lbs. (New)
BSLDOBPC10   Body Solid OBPC10 10lb. Chicago Extreme Colored Bumper Plate (New)
BSLDOBPC25   Body Solid OBPC25 25 lb. Chicago Extreme Colored Bumper Plate (New)
BSLDobpc260   Body Solid OBPC260 Chicago Extreme Colored Bumper Plates - 260 lbs. (New)
BSLDOBPC35   Body Solid OBPC35 35 lb. Chicago Extreme Colored Bumper Plate (New)
BSLDOBPC45   Body Solid OBPC45 45 lb. Chicago Extreme Colored Bumper Plate (New)
BSLDOBPH10   Body Solid OBPH10 10 lbs. Body-Solid Premium Bumper Plate (New)
BSLDOBPH15   Body Solid OBPH15 15 lbs. Body-Solid Premium Bumper Plate (New)
BSLDOBPH25   Body Solid OBPH25 25 lbs. Body-Solid Premium Bumper Plate (New)
BSLDOBPH35   Body Solid OBPH35 35 lbs. Body-Solid Premium Bumper Plate (New)
BSLDOBPH45   Body Solid OBPH45 45 lbs. Body-Solid Premium Bumper Plate (New)
bsldobpxset   Body Solid OBPX Chicago Extreme Bumper Plates Set (New)
bsldobpx305   Body Solid OBPX Chicago Extreme Bumper Plates Set 305 lbs w/Bar (New)
bsldobpxc305   Body Solid OBPXC Chicago Extreme Bumper Plates Set 305 lbs w/Bar (New)
BSLDoc04   Body Solid OC04 Olympic Training Collar (New)
BSLDOC06   Body Solid OC06 Olympic Spring Collar (Single)
BSLDOPB10   Body Solid OPB10 Olympic Weight Plate- 10 lbs. (New)
BSLDOPB100   Body Solid OPB100 Olympic Weight Plate- 100 lbs. (New)
BSLDOPB2-5   Body Solid OPB2-5 Olympic Weight Plate- 2.5 lbs. (New)
BSLDOPB25   Body Solid OPB25 Olympic Weight Plate- 25 lbs. (New)
BSLDOPB35   Body Solid OPB35 Olympic Weight Plate- 35 lbs. (New)
BSLDOPB45   Body Solid OPB45 Olympic Weight Plate- 45 lbs. (New)
BSLDOPB5   Body Solid OPB5 Olympic Weight Plate- 5 lbs. (New)
BSLDORBLK260   Body Solid ORBLK260 Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate Set - 260 lbs. (New)
bsldorc300s   Body Solid ORC300S Colored Rubber Grip Olympic Plate Set 300 lbs (New)
BSLDORPH260   Body Solid ORPH260 Premium Bumper Plate Set- 260 lbs. (New)
BSLDORST255   Body Solid ORST255 Rubber Grip Olympic Set 255 lbs. (New)
BSLDORST355   Body Solid ORST355 Rubber Grip Olympic Set 355 lbs. (New)
BSLDORST455   Body Solid ORST455 Rubber Grip Olympic Set 455 lbs. (New)
BSLDORT10   Body Solid ORT10 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 10 lbs. Black (New)
BSLDORT100   Body Solid ORT100 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 100 lbs. Black (New)
BSLDORT2-5   Body Solid ORT2-5 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 2.5 lbs. Black (New)
BSLDORT25   Body Solid ORT25 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 25 lbs. Black (New)
BSLDORT35   Body Solid ORT35 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 35 lbs. Black (New)
BSLDORT45   Body Solid ORT45 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 45 lbs. Black (New)
BSLDORT5   Body Solid ORT5 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 5 lbs. Black (New)
BSLDORTC10   Body Solid ORTC10 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 10 lbs. Green (New)
BSLDORTC2-5   Body Solid ORTC2-5 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 2.5 lbs. Gray (New)
BSLDORTC25   Body Solid ORTC25 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 25 lbs. Yellow (New)
BSLDORTC35   Body Solid ORTC35 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 35 lbs. Blue (New)
BSLDORTC45   Body Solid ORTC45 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 45 lbs. Red (New)
BSLDORTC5   Body Solid ORTC5 Rubber Grip Olympic Plate 5 lbs. Dark Blue (New)
BSLDOSB255   Body Solid OSB255 Olympic Weight Set - 255 lbs. (plates only) (New)
BSLDOSB300s   Body Solid OSB300S Olympic Weight Set - 300 lbs.- Black Bar (New)
BSLDOSB355   Body Solid OSB355 Olympic Weight Set - 355 lbs. (plates only) (New)
BSLDOSB400S   Body Solid OSB400S Olympic Weight Set - 400 lbs. with Black Bar (New)
BSLDOSB455   Body Solid OSB455 Olympic Weight Set - 455 lbs. (plates only) (New)
BSLDOSB500S   Body Solid OSB500S Olympic Weight Set - 500 lbs. with Black Bar (New)
BSLDOSC300s   Body Solid OSC300S Olympic Weight Set - 300 lbs.- Chrome Bar (New)
BSLDOSC400S   Body Solid OSC400S Olympic Weight Set - 400 lbs. with Chrome Bar (New)
BSLDOSC500S   Body Solid OSC500S Olympic Weight Set - 500 lbs. with Chrome Bar (New)
BSLDOSR300S   Body Solid OSR300S Rubber Grip Olympic Set 300 lbs. includes bar (New)
BSLDOSR400S   Body Solid OSR400S Rubber Grip Olympic Set 400 lbs. includes bar (New)
BSLDOSR500S   Body Solid OSR500S Rubber Grip Olympic Set 500 lbs. includes bar (NEW)
BSLDOST355   Body Solid OST355 Cast Iron Grip Plate Set - 355 lbs. (plates only) (New)
BSLDOTB50   Body Solid OTB50 Olympic Shrug Bar (New)
BSLDOTB50RH   Body Solid OTB50RH Olympic Shrug Bar-Raised Handles (New)
BSLDOWT24   Body Solid OWT24 Olympic Plate Tree (New)
BSLDPDR282X   Body Solid PDR282X Powerline Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDPUB2   Body Solid PUB2 Push-Up Bars (New)
BSLDPUB30   Body Solid PUB30 Mountless Pull Up/Push Up Bar (New)
BSLDPUB34   Body Solid PUB34 Doorway Chinning Bar (New)
BSLDRB72   Body Solid RB72 72 inch Standard Bar- Chrome (New)
BSLDRB84   Body Solid RB84 84 inch Standard Bar- Chrome (New)
BSLDRC02sc   Body Solid RC02SC Standard Collar 1" (single) 1 lb (New)

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