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ProCT3000   Ab Solo Pro CT3000 (New)
AT-1000R   AirTEK Fitness HIIT Air + Magnetic Rower (New)
Allegro   Balanced Body Allegro Pilates Reformer (Remanufactured)
AllegroSport   Balanced Body Allegro Sport Pilates Reformer (Remanufactured)
CADILLAC   Balanced Body Trapeze Table (Cadillac) (Remanufactured)
BHVP   BH Fitness Vibration Platform (Remanufactured)
BioCycle950-120   Biodex 950-120 Semi-Recumbent Cycle (Remanufactured)
BioStep2   Biodex BioStep 2 950-240 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical (Remanufactured)
BioStep   Biodex BioStep Semi-Recumbent Elliptical (Remanufactured)
BioMed945130   Biodex Medical 945-130 Upper Body Cycle UBE (Remanufactured)
RTM500   Biodex RTM 500 Rehab 945-285 Treadmill w/LCD (Remanufactured)
BSLDBSTB1   Body Solid BSTB1 Tools Resistance- 1/2" Orange (New)
BSLDBSTB2   Body Solid BSTB2 Tools Resistance - 3/4" Green (New)
BSLDBSTB3   Body Solid BSTB3 Tools Resistance - 1 1/8" Red (New)
BSLDBSTB4   Body Solid BSTB4 Tools Resistance - 1 3/4" Blue (New)
BSLDBSTB5   Body Solid BSTB5 Tools Resistance Band - 2 1/2" Purple (New)
BSLDBSTDMB10   Body Solid BSTDMB10 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 10 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB12   Body Solid BSTDMB12 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 12 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB14   Body Solid BSTDMB14 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 14 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB16   Body Solid BSTDMB16 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 16 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB18   Body Solid BSTDMB18 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 18 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB20   Body Solid BSTDMB20 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 20 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB25   Body Solid BSTDMB25 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 25 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB6   Body Solid BSTDMB6 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 6 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTDMB8   Body Solid BSTDMB8 Dual-Grip Medicine Ball - 8 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTFB12   Body Solid BSTFB12 Fitness Bar 12 lbs. - Green (New)
BSLDBSTFB15   Body Solid BSTFB15 Fitness Bar 15 lbs. - Red (New)
BSLDBSTFB18   Body Solid BSTFB18 Fitness Bar 18 lbs. - Blue (New)
BSLDBSTFB24   Body Solid BSTFB24 Fitness Bar 24 lbs. - Purple (New)
BSLDBSTFB30   Body Solid BSTFB30 Fitness Bar 30 lbs. - Magenta (New)
BSLDBSTFB36   Body Solid BSTFB36 Fitness Bar 36 lbs. - Gray (New)
BSLDBSTFB4   Body Solid BSTFB4 Fitness Bar 4 lbs. - Orange (New)
BSLDBSTFB6   Body Solid BSTFB6 Fitness Bar 6 lbs. - Light Purple (New)
BSLDBSTFB9   Body Solid BSTFB9 Fitness Bar 9 lbs. - Yellow (New)
bsldbsthb   Body Solid BSTHB Tools Slam Balls Set of 5 (New)
bsldbsthbrack   Body Solid BSTHB Tools Slam Balls w/Rack (New)
BSLDBSTHB10   Body Solid BSTHB10 Slam Ball Red 10 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTHB15   Body Solid BSTHB15 Slam Ball Red 15 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTHB20   Body Solid BSTHB20 Slam Ball Red 20 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTHB25   Body Solid BSTHB25 Slam Ball Red 25 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTHB30   Body Solid BSTHB30 Slam Ball Red 30 lbs. (New)
BSTLJO2   Body Solid BSTLJO2 OLY 2 Lock Jaw Collars - Yellow (New)
BSLDBSTLJOC   Body Solid BSTLJOC LockJaw Olympic Collar - Blue (New)
BSLDBSTMB10   Body Solid BSTMB10 10 lbs. Medicine Ball - Blue (New)
BSLDBSTMB12   Body Solid BSTMB12 12 lbs. Medicine Ball - Black (New)
BSLDBSTMB14   Body Solid BSTMB14 14 lbs. Medicine Ball - Orange (New)
BSLDBSTMB16   Body Solid BSTMB16 16 lbs. Medicine Ball - Green (New)
BSLDBSTMB2   Body Solid BSTMB2 2 lbs. Medicine Ball - Lt. Purple (New)
BSLDBSTMB20   Body Solid BSTMB20 20 lbs. Medicine Ball - Blue (New)
BSLDBSTMB25   Body Solid BSTMB25 25 lbs. Medicine Ball - Black (New)
BSLDBSTMB30   Body Solid BSTMB30 30 lbs. Medicine Ball - Black (New)
BSLDBSTMB4   Body Solid BSTMB4 4 lbs. Medicine Ball - Yellow (New)
BSLDBSTMB6   Body Solid BSTMB6 6 lbs. Medicine Ball - Aqua (New)
BSLDBSTMB8   Body Solid BSTMB8 8 lbs. Medicine Ball - Red (New)
BSLDBSTMC02BK   Body Solid BSTMC02BK Muscle Clamp Collars - Black (New)
BSLDBSTMC02RD   Body Solid BSTMC02RD Muscle Clamp Collars - Red (New)
bsldBSTOBJ   Body Solid BSTOBJ Olympic Bar Jack (Single) (New)
bsldBSTOBS   Body Solid BSTOBS Olympic Bar Stand (Single) (New)
bsldbstolp   Body Solid BSTOLP Tools Plate Load Pin (New)
bsldBSTOPW   Body Solid BSTOPW Tools Plate Wedge (New)
BSLDBSTROCRED   Body Solid BSTROCRED Tools Roepke Olympic Collar - Red (New)
BSLDBSTSB45   Body Solid BSTSB45 Exercise Ball 45cm Green (New)
BSLDBSTSB55   Body Solid BSTSB55 Exercise Ball 55cm Grey (New)
BSLDBSTSB65   Body Solid BSTSB65 Exercise Ball 65cm Red (New)
BSLDBSTSB75   Body Solid BSTSB75 Exercise Ball 75cm Blue (New)
BSLDGBPR10   Body Solid GBPR10 Rubber Bumper Plate Rack (New)
BSLDGDKR100   Body Solid GDKR100 Dual Dumbbell & Kettlebell Rack (New)
bsldGDKR50   Body Solid GDKR50 3-Pair Kettlebell Rack (New)
bsldGDR10   Body Solid GDR10 Vinyl Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR24   Body Solid GDR24 12 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR34   Body Solid GDR34 3 Tier Horizontal 34" Vinyl or Neoprene Dumbbell Rack (New)
bsldgdr363   Body Solid GDR363 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR44   Body Solid GDR44 Vertical Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR48   Body Solid GDR48 3 Tier Horizontal 48" Dumbbell Rack (New)
bsldGDR500   Body Solid GDR500 Commercial Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR500-NEOPACK   Body Solid GDR500-NEOPACK Neoprene Dumbbell Package (New)
BSLDGDR60   Body Solid GDR60 Pro Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGDR80   Body Solid GDR80 Vertical Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDGFR500   Body Solid GFR500 Fitness Bar Rack (New)
BSLDGFR500Pack   Body Solid GFR500-PACK Fitness Bar Package (New)
BSLDGIB2   Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots (New)
BSLDGMR10   Body Solid GMR10 Medicine Ball Rack (New)
BSLDGMR10PACK   Body Solid GMR10PACK Medicine Ball Package w/Rack (New)
BSLDGMR5   Body Solid GMR5 Medicine Ball Rack (New)
BSLDGOBH5   Body Solid GOBH5 Olympic Bar Holder (New)
BSLDGPRUL   Body Solid GPRUL U-Link Attachment for GPR400 (New)
BSLDGSTCK   Body Solid GSTCK Free Standing 210 Lb. Weight Stack (New)
BSLDGSWT   Body Solid GSWT Standard Plate Tree & Bar Holder (New)
bsldgwt76   Body Solid GWT76 High Capacity Olympic Plate Rack (New)
BSLDHP150   Body Solid HP150 Premium Red 150 lb Weight Stack Plate (New)
BSLDHP200   Body Solid HP200 Premium Red 200 lb Weight Stack (New)
BSLDHP50   Body Solid HP50 Premium Red 50 lb Weight Stack Plate (New)
BSLDKBC35   Body Solid KBC35 35 lbs. Premium Kettlebell (New)
BSLDKBC40   Body Solid KBC40 40 lbs. Premium Kettlebell (New)
BSLDKBL10   Body Solid KBL10 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell - 10 lbs. (New)
BSLDKBL15   Body Solid KBL15 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell - 15 lbs. (New)
BSLDKBL20   Body Solid KBL20 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell - 20 lbs. (New)
BSLDKBL25   Body Solid KBL25 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell - 25 lbs. (New)
BSLDKBL30   Body Solid KBL30 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell - 30 lbs. (New)
BSLDKBL35   Body Solid KBL35 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell - 35 lbs. (New)
BSLDKBL5   Body Solid KBL5 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell - 5 lbs. (New)
BSLDKBLS105   Body Solid KBLS105 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell Set 5-30 lb. KBLS105 (New)
BSLDKBS105   Body Solid KBS105 Cast Kettlebell Set 5-30 lbs (New)
BSLDKBVS105   Body Solid KBVS105 Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set 5-30 lb. KBVS105 (New)
BSLDKBVS125   Body Solid KBVS125 Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set 5-30 lb. KBVS125 (New)
BSLDKBVS275   Body Solid KBVS275 Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set 5-50 lb. KBVS275 (New)
BSLDKBVS70   Body Solid KBVS70 Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set 5-20 lb. (New)
bsldlma   Body Solid LMA Landmine (New)
bsldlmcg   Body Solid LMCG Landmine Club Grip (New)
bsldlmmg   Body Solid LMMG Landmine Multigrip (New)
BSLDLMPP   Body Solid LMPP Landmine Plate Pivot (New)
bsldlmse   Body Solid LMSE Landmine Single Eyelet (New)
BSLDMA105   Body Solid MA105 Bar Pad (New)
BSLDOA8   Body Solid OA8 Olympic Adapter Sleeve 8" (New)
BSLDOAS14   Body Solid OAS14 Olympic Adapter Sleeve 14" (New)
BSLDOB86LPB   Body Solid OB86LPB 7 ft. Olympic Power Bar - Zinc (New)
BSLDOB86P1000SS   Body Solid OB86P1000SS 7 ft. Premium Olympic Power Bar-Stainless Steel (New)
BSLDOB86PBS   Body Solid OB86PBS 7 ft. Olympic Power Bar - Silver (New)
BSLDoc04   Body Solid OC04 Olympic Training Collar (New)
BSLDOC06   Body Solid OC06 Olympic Spring Collar (Single) New
BSLDOST355   Body Solid OST355 Cast Iron Grip Plate Set - 355 lbs. (plates only) (New)
BSLDOTB50   Body Solid OTB50 Olympic Shrug Bar (New)
BSLDOTB50RH   Body Solid OTB50RH Olympic Shrug Bar-Raised Handles (New)
BSLDOWT24   Body Solid OWT24 Olympic Plate Tree (New)
BSLDPDR282X   Body Solid PDR282X Powerline Dumbbell Rack (New)
BSLDPPRUL   Body Solid PPRUL Powerline U-Link Attachment (New)
BSLDPUB2   Body Solid PUB2 Push-Up Bars (New)
BSLDPUB30   Body Solid PUB30 Mountless Pull Up/Push Up Bar (New)
BSLDPUB34   Body Solid PUB34 Doorway Chinning Bar (New)
BSLDRB72   Body Solid RB72 72 inch Standard Bar- Chrome (New)
BSLDRB84   Body Solid RB84 84 inch Standard Bar- Chrome (New)
BSLDRC02sc   Body Solid RC02SC Standard Collar 1" (single) 1 lb (New)
BSLDRC03sc   Body Solid RC03SC Standard Collar 1" (single) 0.5 lb (New)
bslds2acd   Body Solid S2ACD Series II Assisted Chin and Dip Machine (New)
bsldsbb-damaged   Body Solid SBB Fixed Weight Barbell Set, 10 Bars (DAMAGED, "AS IS")
bsldsbb   Body Solid SBB Fixed Weight Barbell Set, 10 Bars (New)
BSLDSDA14   Body Solid SDA14 Solid Dumbbell Handle (New)
BSLDSDA14T   Body Solid SDA14T Threaded Dumbbell Handle (New)
bsldSDKR   Body Solid SDKR Pro Clubline "Build Your Own" Storage Rack System (New)
bsldsdkr1000kb   Body Solid SDKR1000KB 3 Tier PCL Kettlebell Rack (New)
bsldsdkr1000mb   Body Solid SDKR1000MB 3 Tier PCL Medicine Ball Rack (New)
bsldsdkr1000sd   Body Solid SDKR1000SD 3 Tier Saddle Dumbbell Rack (New)
bsldSDKRKBR   Body Solid SDKRKBR Pro Clubline Kettlebell Rack (New)
BSLDSDR12   Body Solid SDR12 Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell 12 lbs. (New)
BSLDSDRS550   Body Solid SDRS550 Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Set 5 to 50 lbs. (New)
BSLDSDRS650   Body Solid SDRS650 Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Set 55 to 75 lbs. (New)
BSLDSP150   Body Solid SP150 150lb Selectorized Weight Stack (New)
BSLDSP200   Body Solid SP200 200lb Selectorized Weight Stack (New)
BSLDSP300   Body Solid SP300 300lb Selectorized Weight Stack (New)
BSLDSP50   Body Solid SP50 50lb Selectorized Weight Stack (New)
bsldsprul   Body Solid SPRUL U-Link Attachment (formerly SR-UL) (New)
BSLDRC0616   Body Solid Standard Spring Collar 1" (Pair) New
BSLDSTT45   Body Solid STT45 Strength Training Time Clock (New)
BSLDSWT14   Body Solid SWT14 Standard Plate Tree (New)
BSLDTBR10   Body Solid TBR10 T-Bar Row Platform (New)
BSLDTBR20   Body Solid TBR20 Pivoting T-Bar Row Platform (New)
BSLDVDRA30   Body Solid VDRA30 Accessory Stand Rack Only (New)
BSLDVDRA30-PACK   Body Solid VDRA30-PACK Accessory Stand Rack Package (New)
BSLDWSA2-5   Body Solid WSA2-5 Weight Stack Adapter Plate - 2.5 lbs. (New)
BSLDWSA5   Body Solid WSA5 Weight Stack Adapter Plate - 5 lbs. (New)
BSLDWSP200   Body Solid WSP200 200 lb Premium Weight Stack (New)
BSLDWT46   Body Solid WT46 Olympic Plate Tree & Bar Holder (New)
bsldAAB2   Body-Solid AAB2 Gut Blaster Ab Slings (New)
bsldACH18   Body-Solid ACH18 Ab Crunch Harness (New)
bsldb4rb   Body-Solid B4RB Endurance Recumbent Bike (New)
bsldb4ub   Body-Solid B4UB Endurance Upright Bike (New)
bsldBB23   Body-Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber (New)
bsldBC2   Body-Solid BC2 Extra Pair of Bar Catches for PPR200X and BFPR100 (New)
bsldBFPR10   Body-Solid Best Fitness BFPR10 Olympic Press Stand (New)
bsldBFAB10   Body-Solid BFAB10 Best Fitness Ab Board (New)
bsldBFAB20   Body-Solid BFAB20 Best Fitness Semi Recumbent Ab Bench (New)
bsldBFCT1   Body-Solid BFCT1 Cross Trainer Elliptical (New)
BFE2   Body-Solid BFE2 Best Fitness Elliptical Trainer (New)
bsldBFFID10   Body-Solid BFFID10 Best Fitness FID Bench (New)
bsldBFFT10   Body-Solid BFFT10 Best Fitness Functional Trainer (New)
bsldBFHYP10   Body-Solid BFHYP10 Best Fitness Ab Board HyperExtension (New)
bsldBFINVER10   Body-Solid BFINVER10 Best Fitness Inversion Table (New)
bsldBFLA100   Body-Solid BFLA100 Best Fitness Lat Attachment for BFPR100 (New)
bsldBFMC10   Body-Solid BFMC10 Best Fitness Mountain Climber (New)
bsldBFMG10   Body-Solid BFMG10 Best Fitness Sportsman Gym (New)
BSLDBFMG20   Body-Solid BFMG20 Best Fitness Sportsman Home Gym (New)
bsldBFOB10   Body-Solid BFOB10 Best Fitness Oly Folding Bench (New)
bsldBFPL10   Body-Solid BFPL10 Best Fitness Leg Developer & Preacher Curl Attachment (New)
bsldBFPR100   Body-Solid BFPR100R Best Fitness Power Rack (New)
bsldBFRB1   Body-Solid BFRB1 Best Fitness Recumbent Bike (New)
bsldBFSB5   Body-Solid BFSB5 Best Fitness Chain Indoor Cycle Bike (New)
BSLDBFSR10   Body-Solid BFSR10 Best Fitness Squat Rack (New)
bsldBFUB1   Body-Solid BFUB1 Best Fitness Upright Bike (New)
bsldBFVK10R   Body-Solid BFVK10R Best Fitness Vertical Knee Raise (New)
bsldBSGLPX   Body-Solid BSGLPX Leg Press Attachment For The BSG10X (New)
bsldBSTAB1   Body-Solid BSTAB1 Tools Ab Wheel (New)
BSTART-5PACK   Body-Solid BSTART-5PACK Ankle Cuff Resistance Tubes (New)
bsldBSTAW10   Body-Solid BSTAW10 Ankle Weights 10 lbs. (New)
bsldBSTAW20   Body-Solid BSTAW20 Ankle Weights 20 lbs. (New)
BSLDBSTBR1530   Body-Solid BSTBR1530 Fitness Training Rope 1.5 in. dia. - 30 ft. (New)
BSLDBSTBR1540   Body-Solid BSTBR1540 Fitness Training Rope 1.5 in. dia. - 40 ft. (New)
BSLDBSTBR1550   Body-Solid BSTBR1550 Fitness Training Rope 1.5 in. dia. - 50 ft. (New)
BSLDBSTBR2030   Body-Solid BSTBR2030 Fitness Training Rope 2 in. dia. - 30 ft (New)
BSLDBSTBR2040   Body-Solid BSTBR2040 Fitness Training Rope 2 in. dia. - 40 ft. (New)
BSLDBSTBR2050   Body-Solid BSTBR2050 Fitness Training Rope 2 in. dia. - 50 ft. (New)

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