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Body-Solid PPR500 Powerline Half Rack (New)

Body-Solid PPR500 Powerline Half Rack (New) Image


Price: USD $335.00
Condition: New in Box
Grade: Commercial
Warranty: Full Manufacturers (See Description for Details)
Ships: New in Boxes (Assembly Options Available)
Processing Time: Ships from Manufacturer's Warehouse in 2-5 Business Days

Stock Status: Available to Order

Product Code: BSLDPPR500

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Accessories / Add Ons

Barbell + Collars:


Dip Station Attachment:

Dual Chin-Up Bar:

Dual T-Bar Platform:

Half Rack Lat Attachment:

High Pulley Attachment:


Pin & Pipe Safeties:

Plyo Step Attachment:

Powerline Band Peg Attachment:

Powerline Power Rack Extension:

U-Link Attachment:

Weight Horn Attachment:

T-Bar Row Attachment:

Body-Solid PPR500 Powerline Half Rack

Powerline by Body-Solid’s PPR500 Half Rack offers the durability and reliability of commercial half racks at a more economical price point. The PPR500 Half Rack can be expanded and customized with a number of options and attachments to make it ideal for any customer. Measuring at 83” tall, this Half Rack is shorter than most commercial half racks making it a great choice for basements, garage gyms or home gym applications. Included with the PPR500 are a pair of j-cups liftoffs and safety spotter arms allowing users to safely workout alone with peace of mind.


  • Space-saving half rack to fit in any home gym, garage or basement.
  • Customize and expand with attachments.
  • Includes J-cups and Safety Spotter Arms
  • 2" x 2" heavy gauge steel frame
  • 2" hole spacing for J-cups and Safety Spotter Arms
  • Abs
  • Adductor/Abductor
  • Biceps
  • Bodybuilding
  • Calves
  • Core Strength
  • Cross Fit
  • Delts
  • Forearms
  • General Fitness
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Lats
  • Lower Back
  • Muscle Endurance
  • Pectorals
  • Power Lifting
  • Quads
  • Shoulders
  • Total Body
  • Traps
  • Triceps
  • Upright Row
  • Shoulder Press
  • Standing Military Press
  • Bent Over Row
  • Shoulder Shrug
  • Knee Raise
  • Squat
  • Standing Calf Raise
  • Calf Press
  • Dead Lift
  • Negatives
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Sumo Squat & Leg Lift

Options and Attachments

Powerline Half Rack Extension

Powerline by Body-Solid’s PPR500EXT Half Rack Extension is an optional attachment for the PPR500 half rack. The PPR500EXT extends an existing PPR500 Half Rack without increasing the usage footprint. The PPR500EXT creates an ideal spot for weight horns (PPRWH), u-links (PPRUL) or any number of several attachments.

Powerline Weight Horns

Keep your workout area clean and organized with the Powerline by Body-Solid PPRWH Weight Horn attachment for the PPR1000 and PPR500 Power and Half Racks and Extensions. The PPRWH attaches easy to any PPR1000, PPR1000EXT, PPR500, and PPR500EXT, keeping weights off the floor and easily accessible.
Powerline Half Rack Lat Attachment

Turn the Powerline Half Rack into a more complete gym with the PLA500 Half Rack Lat Attachment. This optional attachment for the PPR500 Half Rack features high and low pulley access with a no-cable-change design. The PLA500 allows users to perform lat pulldowns, rows, biceps curls, shrugs and many more exercises in the comfort and stability of their Half Rack. Nylon-coated, aircraft quality cables ensure durability and safety during heavy use. The no-cable-change design makes it easy to swap handles for near unlimited workout variety.

Powerline Pipe & Pin Safeties

Powerline by Body-Solid’s PPRPS Pipe & Pin Safeties are designed for the Powerline PPR500 Half Rack with the PPR500EXT extension installed and features a 700 lb. weight capacity. Pipe & Pin safeties are a favorite of both past and present weightlifters and offer extreme durability as well as quick and easy set-up. Engineered to take the brunt of the force from bar drops, PPRPS Pipe & Pin Safeties maintain barbell integrity while providing a safe and reliable weightlifting experience.

Designed specifically for PPR500 Half Rack with the PPR500EXT extension installed
Powerline Band Pegs

The PPRBP Powerline Band Peg Attachment is compatible with the PPR1000 Power Rack and the PPR500 Half Rack.
Powerline Half Rack J-Cups

The PPRJC J-cups are an optional extra pair of j-cups for your PPR1000 Power Rack or PPR500 Half Rack (each rack comes with a pair standard already). The PPRJC J-cups features high impact inserts that will protect your bars knurling and are tested at 700lbs weight capacity.

Powerline T-Bar Row Attachment

Compatible with the PPR1000 Power Rack or PPR500 Half Rack, the PPRTB T-Bar Row attachment (also called a landmine attachment) provides a world of workout possibilities. The PPRTB attaches easily via pull-pin to an existing Power or Half Rack and allows users to add new and challenging Olympic bar movements; including the t-bar row, shoulder press, squat & press, lunge, trunk twist and more.
Powerline U-Link Attachment

The PPRUL U-Link is an optional attachment for the PPR1000 Power Rack or PPR500 Half Rack, as well as the rack extensions. Great for storage or a fitness rope anchor, the PPRUL attaches easily to a Power or Half Rack and can be used with Body-Solid Tools Training Ropes (BSTBR) for high-intensity workouts targeting multiple muscle groups.
Powerline Flat Incline Decline Bench

Allows proper form and positioning for incline and shoulder press exercises. Improved design features quick and secure 4-position ladder style back pad adjustment. 3-position seat pad adjustment for bent knee sit ups and ab crunches.

Tech Specs

  • Loaded Weight: 246.4 lbs (as pictured)
  • Loaded Dimensions: 72”L x 66”W x 83”H
  • Base Unit Weight: 112.6 lbs
  • Base Unit Dimensions: 50.2”L x 50.9”W x 83”H

Manufacturer’s Warranty


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