Returns & Refunds
Please Read Prior to Purchasing

We are able to accept returns if we are notified of the request within 14 days of receipt of the product. All Returns will be assessed a 25% Restocking Fee and Shipping & Handling Both Ways - which is exactly twice the amount charged at checkout. Refunds will be processed within 1-2 days of the item arriving back at our facility. Shipping & Handling costs - as well as the restocking fee - will be assessed when we refund the balance of the transaction. We are not able to accept returns nor refunds for any requests received after 14 days of receiving the product. In order to avoid returns please make sure to note all information on the website, as well as important notes below, as, we cannot make exceptions to the above policy due to any of the below.

1) Please carefully read the description of the product you are purchasing and the condition of the item. We clearly post in the item name whether it is "New" or "Remanufactured". The pictures, description, and condition posted are a close match to the item listed so make sure to carefully read exactly what you are getting. The manufacturer makes different version of certain machines without changing the name of the machine.

2) While we are very confident that our remanufactured equipment will arrive in a condition that meets your satisfaction, all remanufactured equipment may have light dust, light scratches, and light wear. It is not 'brand new'.

3) Be sure to note handling, and shipping transit times. If you have not received your product in this time please check your order status / tracking info, and/or let us know and we will let you know what the hold up is. If your machine is being shipped fully assembled with our home delivery company (any method other than fedex), it will not be delivered until the company gets ahold of you to setup a delivery time with the phone number(s) you provide us. Many things can happen leading to a miscommunication between the delivery company and the customer. We never know who is working the local terminal for your delivery area.

4) Note that, occassionally, issues with your machine can occur on arrival. The products are very large machines with lots of components, and, there is always a chance that something was missed by us, the machine was damaged in transit, or another glitch occurs. Our promise is that we will work hard and put in our full efforts until your machine is as advertised, and until you are a satisfied customer. If a glitch occurs, it will be covered by our warranty service, and we will hire a local fitness repair company to your house, diagnose, and eventually fix the issue.