For International Customers (Outside the USA and Canada): The international sales info below applies to customers outside of the USA and Canada. Fitness Superstore offers door to ocean port shipping anywhere in the world.

Shipping Cost: To calculate the shipping cost, simply add the items that you are interested in to the online shopping cart, enter your country, then hit calculate shipping cost. Our online shopping cart will automatically calculate the appropriate shipping method and pricing based on the items selected, and your country. Our online shopping cart will determine if you need individual crates, or containers, along with the container size. You are also welcome to arrange your own shipping, and Fitness Superstore will package. If you want to do this, select "In Store Pickup" on our online checkout.

Packaging: If you are ordering a large quantity, then we will put your equipment on pallets, package, and place in a container. If you are ordering a small quantity, we will crate your fitness equipment. You can see a description and details of our crates here:Click for Overview of Our Crating / Packaging Process

Payment: We accept payment by wire transfer, check, Credit Card, PayPal, and Amazon Pay for buyers in an international countries. You can complete the transaction online through our shopping cart and select one of these methods.

Additional Fees: Please note: international buyers are responsible for transportation from the ocean port to the final destination, as well as all import / border / brokerage / duty / customs / VAT / GST taxes and fees that their country applies. Fitness Superstore can assist by providing appropriate invoices and other paperwork.

Door to Ocean Port Shipping: Please note the ocean port will be the closest shipping port accessible by ocean to the final destination, which may or may not be located in the actual country of the buyer.

Warranty: we do offer a parts warranty for all international transactions. Please note that it will be parts only, and does not include labor. We do, however, have technicians available by phone and email who can walk you through installing or diagnosing the issue, and appropriate part to replace. All remanufactured items which ship internationally will include a one (1) year parts warranty, along with the option of purchasing an extended parts warranty of 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. You can select the option, and view costs on the product page on our website by selecting the appropriate parts & labor warranty (which will be parts only when shipper outside the USA or Canada). Please note that Fitness Superstore will cover all shipping charges related to shipping warrantied parts internationally. Please also note that new products will include the manufacturers warranty, which may or may not be valid for items shipped outside the USA.

Currency Options: All pricing is listed in US Dollars.

Voltage Conversions: Much of our fitness equipment is cordless (self-powered). All of our plug-in products have an option to select a voltage upgrade at our product page. All Pricing is listed for the machine to be 100-120V, which is standard in North / South America, and some other countries. For an additional cost, we can use a transformer to convert the product to your countries voltage, 220-240V.

Metric Conversions: Please specify in the order comments section of our online checkout if you would like your display to be converted to Metric Units, and we will do that. Also, many of our machines have the option for the display to appear in a language other than English. If you would like your language, please specify in the order comments section of our online checkout. We are also able to perform PAL & NTSC Conversions for Display Readouts.

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Contact Us: Any questions? Feel free to contact us. We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6 pm Pacific (California) time. We speak Spanish (Se Habla Español):
Phone: +1-925-215-2927 or +1-844-348-7253
WhatsApp: +1-925-215-2927

Container Pricing: Please note these rates can be calculated on our online checkout, which will automatically calculate shipping based on exact quantity. This is for a quick reference:

Central America + South America (West Coast) + Mexico + Main Pacific Areas (Japan / Australia / China / Singapore / Guam / South Korea / Indonesia / Malaysia / Taiwan / Vietnam):
  • 1-5 Crates: $424 to $1,799
  • 20' Container: $1,999
  • 40' Container: $2,499
  • (2) 40' Containers: $4,998
  • (3) 40' Containers: $7,497

Caribbean Sea + South America (East Coast) + Pacific Islands + India:
  • 1-5 Crates: $499 to $2,299
  • 20' Container: $2,499
  • 40' Container: $2,999
  • (2) 40' Containers: $5,998
  • (3) 40' Containers: $8,997

Western Europe / Middle East / East Africa:
  • 1-5 Crates: $574 to $2,799
  • 20' Container: $2,999
  • 40' Container: $3,499
  • (2) 40' Containers: $6,998
  • (3) 40' Containers: $10,997

West Africa / Eastern-Northern Europe / Russia:
  • 1-5 Crates: $624 to $2,299
  • 20' Container: $3,499
  • 40' Container: $3,999
  • (2) 40' Containers: $7,998
  • (3) 40' Containers: $11,997