Fitness Superstore offers both curbside and room of choice delivery service throughout all of the USA and Canada, and door to port delivery service throughout the world

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New Products

Most of our Brand New Products will ship new in the manufactured boxes, disassembled. There are exceptions and variations of the assembly, but, this is pretty general. Sometimes the boxes are very large, sometimes there are multiple, sometimes it’s new in a crate, and smaller items we ship Fedex / UPS


Most of our remanufactured products will ship from us fully assembled, though some ship partly assembled. See item page to see how your product will ship.

CRATES (For Remanufactured Products)

We build custom crates for every remanufactured product shipped (so not in Northern California) This is built into our shipping cost.

Curbside Delivery

We offer curbside delivery for all products

Your machine(s) are placed on the closest curb to your location accessible by a 24 foot box truck. If you don't have a curb it will be the end of the driveway / part of your property closest to the street. It is a 1 person delivery, and it will arrive in a crate. The truck will back up, use a liftgate, and drop the pallet off. The customer will be responsible for placing the machine where they want it, as well as removing / disposing of packaging. Some products will arrive disassembled, and some fully assembled. See the product page for more info, or contact us if you need any clarification on whether or not this method will apply to your situation. Shipping transportation time is 2-14 Business Days if you’re in the lower 48 states, and longer outside.

See Pic for location of curbside delivery if the customer doesn't have a curb, and the location of the garage delivery. Please note the freight company will never drop something on the street unless they are explicitly told to since it's a road hazard, so they will always deliver the the first area off the street, as shown in this picture.

‘Room of Choice’ Delivery

Applies to Garage, Room of Choice, Room of Choice (0-3 Steps), Room of Choice (4+ Steps).

  • 1. Removal of all packaging (Crate + Boxes)
  • 2. Placement of Machine in the Specified Area
  • 3. Full Assembly of Machine (There are times where it would be delivered Pre Assembled). For Fully Details of this service, click here

Applies to Garage Installs and Room Installs. Scroll down to find option to select. The item will be delivered fully assembled in any room, whether it is up 4 flights of stairs, or needs to be takes apart to fit through a doorway, they will get it done at the 'Room of Choice' Delivery Price - even when it requires up to 3-4 men. Packaging material will be removed and hauled away. Machine will always be received Fully Assembled. Sometimes it will be assembled on site, other times it will be shipped fully assembled. Shipping transportation time is 5-17 Business Days (in addition to the processing time stated on the item page to leave our warehouse), depending on where you are located. Please note the possible wait time for 'room of choice' deliveries. We will need to know exactly where it is going in your home, including width of the most narrow door, info / pics on turns, and number of stairs involved. You can provide this info in the order comments in our checkout, or we will email you after the order is placed. It will need to be proved prior to shipping.

*Please note that room of choice delivery does not include a demonstration of how to use the product, or even plugging it in. The delivery people are movers, not fitness experts. Please note you might be sent an email from us requesting measurements of doorways, and videos / pictures of the path, among other things. Failure to provide correct info could result in delays, as well as your item(s) needing to be redelivered due to the delivery company not having the proper notes to make the delivery.

Northern California Shipping + In-Store Pickup

Northern California (within a 150 mile radius of Benicia, CA): MOST of the time, our own truck will personally deliver, so, the process is different then outside of this radius. It will vary depending on some factors. This applies to new and remanufactured equipment. It will be our team personally delivering, and there is no transit time. We will call you to schedule once it is ready.

In-Store Pickup is also available as a checkout option for no cost.

International Shipping

  • Conditions apply for customers outside the United States and Canada.
  • We ship smaller items by Fedex International Ground, door to door. If Fedex, then the costs on our online checkout include customs fees and VAT.
  • Larger items ship by ocean freight to the largest ocean port in your country.
  • All shipping costs are available on our online checkout.
  • International buyers (excluding Canada and Fedex Items) are responsible for GST/VAT taxes and customs/brokerage fees.
  • Canadian customers will be charged during checkout for broker fees and GST/VAT taxes- no other fees will occur.

Please Acknowledge Section 13 of Terms & Conditions for "Additional Shipping Costs".