French Fitness Warranty

All French Fitness products include a lifetime parts, and 1 year labor warranty. Exclusions of coverage include:

Any mechanical, software and cosmetic issues that are a direct result of improper use,physical damage, or the user engaging in an activity which the operational manual specifically warns against doing or caused by the user disassembling/reassembling the machine.

Cosmetic defects including but not limited to scratches, broken plastic, peeling stickers/logos/overlays, discoloration, etc., unless defective on arrival. If cosmetics defects are present, they must be reported within 1 week of receipt of the machine.

Water, fire, heat, wind, or elemental damages such as the machine being left in an outdoor setting. Leaving the machine outdoors causes the machine to wear and deteriorate significantly quicker than indoors. Garage settings are covered by the warranty.

The warranty does not cover Total Loss. If the product or major parts to the machine, are reported as stolen/missing the warranty is void.

The residential warranty will become void if the machine is used in a commercial setting.

NOTE: under the warranty that we will send parts out. Failure to return any unused / defective / old parts with the return shipping label provided, will void the warranty.

NOTE: the warranty will void if the customer fails to show for a scheduled service call with the technician, unitil they pay the technician directly. The technician will charge if they are dispatched. If the customer is not home and doesn’t communicate it they are responsible for the trip charge.

Warranty labor service is only valid in the United States/Canada.