About the CEO & Founder

Timothy J French

Timothy J French, the eldest of 4 siblings, was born and raised in Martinez, a middle class suburban community in the San Francisco East Bay Area. He was one of the hardest working students in his class, with a special talent in Mathematics. His ambitious spirit helped him get accepted into the college of his childhood dreams, and, in 2002, he attended UC Berkeley's Mechanical Engineering program.. Quickly though, he realized that the program was not for him, and he became interested in following his Dad's footsteps as an entrepreneur. He dabbled in several ideas, and at the age of 19 he found his niche in fitness equipment.

Through money saved up from hosting and waiting tables for several years at Carrows Restaurant, Tim made his first fitness equipment deal. He found a Bowflex exercise machine on Craigslist, drove 1 hour to buy and pick it up, stored it in our (his parents) garage, sold it on eBay, boxed it up, and shipped it to his customer. After that first transaction, he knew he had a special idea. For several years, this business model was the core of his business - buying and selling mostly Bowflex machines "as is" on Craigslist and eBay, storing them in his garage / storage locker, and shipping them out. For the most part, it was a one man operation. He had his sights set on something bigger, and, in 2010, he started Fitness Superstore.
-Mom ( Maureen L French)

-Timothy J French (Tim French), Founder and CEO of Fitness Superstore, Inc.
When I started Fitness Superstore, I had idolized the business models of Google and Amazon. I felt their overall ideas were very future focused, and were not focused on profits for the present. These include innovative ideas, setting up customer friendly automated interfaces, great customer service, and reasonable pricing. I incorporated Fitness Superstore with these beliefs. I started with a 4,200 sq ft warehouse in Concord, CA. Unlike my previous experience, my model included having a staff, website, dealing in all types if gym equipment, and refurbishing all items into like new condition. Fitness Superstore has since expanded and, my ambitions for the company continue to grow.

As the owner, beliefs I have developed include being as involved as possible in every aspect of the business, especially those that challenge me. Also, creating a friendly work place which every employee feels valued, and being available and understanding to customers and others when unique situations arise. Read more about Fitness Superstore on our About Us Page.

The founding of the French Fitness Brand: I started the brand French Fitness (named after my last name) in 2020, with the goal of providing equipment built similar to other well known gym brands (Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Precor) at a much better price, as well as multi functional equipment that those brands do not provide. I have the same motto with French Fitness as I do with Fitness Superstore, Inc.: To make every customer happy, and glad that they chose to buy French Fitness equipment, no matter the case, even if that means a short term loss on my end. I offer 10 year warranties with all French Fitness machines, to show the faith we have in our product to our customer. Our consumers have agreed. Sales of the brand have quickly grown and we are now exceeding $10 million in annual gross sales selling to gyms, consumers, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other facilities.