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Pre-Configured Rigs for Sale

We offer many French Fitness Rack & Rig Systems. Select the Pre-Configured Rig of your choice below. You can choose the number of Rig sections, select your Rig Height, and choose the Rig Attachments & Accessories of your choice. Also, we sell Rig Frame Pieces (Customize Your Rig) to extend your Pre-Configured Rig, or to configure your own rig from scratch. Please email our sales experts at sales@fitnesssuperstore.com with a screenshot of your shopping cart to confirm that the Rig pieces you selected will build what you are looking to build.

NOTE: Compatibility of French Fitness Rack & Rig (FF-RR) Products. All French Fitness products that are listed in the category French Fitness Rack & Rig Systems, and all French Fitness products that have a product code that starts with "FF-RR" will be Rack & Rig compatible. All French Fitness Rack & Rig products are commercial grade, made with 3" x 3" x 3mm (75 mm x 75 mm x 3 mm) 11 gauge steel tubing, have 1" (25 mm) Standard Rack holes. Though we do not directly advertise, they are usually compatible with similar products made by other companies - assuming the hole size, hole spacing, and steel size are the same. Attachments as well can typically be mixed and matched with rig products from other companies, though we always recommend you contact us to confirm compatibility before ordering, unless our website directly states.
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