About Stair Climbers


Stair Climbers mimic running stairs, bleachers, climbing ladders, running hills, etc. Athletes, Firefighters, and other professionals all use some combination of Vertical Climbing. While other cardio machines make you think you can get a true cardio and strength workout - and this is true to a certain degree as other machines can help, Stair Climbers are the only machines to truely give you both strength and cardio workout.

There are essentially 3 types of stair machines: the Stair Stepper / Climber, the Stepmill / Stairmill, and the Vertical Climber (Versaclimber). There are differences between stair steppers, revolving stair steppers, and vertical climbers. We at Fitness Superstore only carry the best Stair Machines available. The Stair Stepper / Climber (We carry the Precor c776i and Stairmaster 4600CL) is the most moderate of the stair workouts. The Stepmill / Stairmill (We at Fitness Superstore carry the Aspen Stairmill 4000 and Stairmaster 7000PT) is the 2nd most intense workout - and frequently used by professionals like firefighters as part of a testing protocal. The Versaclimber (a Vertical Climber), frequently used by UFC fighters, provides the most intense workout possible. And, along with killing your glutes and quads, their arms move to burnout your back and arms as well.

Stair climbers are most recommended for fitness junkies, not those just starting to, or just getting back into working out. They will wear you out fast! All these Stair Machines have been around for awhile, and patents are expired, so beware of the knockoffs! Nothing is more uncomfortable than a flimsy Stair Machine shaking back and forth during your workout.